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Discover the benefits of this exciting FREE Business Event and Business Networking and information site. Locate every Business Event happening in Metro Atlanta (Event Calendars By Type above), Target a specific market using our Networking Groups Directory (on menu above) and Find Valuable Business Information Resources ("business growth info" above) that you won't get anywhere else. This is an Open Business Community site and your participation and feedback are strongly encouraged.

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Our Event Calendars Are Packed With:

  • Daily Business Networking Events and Organization Listings
  • Business Development and Motivational Events
  • Training and Seminar Listings
  • Tradeshows and Other Major Business Events
  • Employment Opportunity Networking and Information

We also have great articles and we list every Business Organization in Atlanta!

What do we do and why do we do it?
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Every business in Atlanta has a need to know about business networking, meetings, trade shows, expos, and business events that are happening in our metro Atlanta business community. This site has been designed to give YOU a one-stop location to find all of this information.

We have found that most of the business networking activities that are happening in Atlanta can be found through many internet sources. In some cases we are simply linking to those sources. We do this to ensure that you can find the most recent information direct from the source. Business networking and other events that can not be found in this manner can be posted on this site by the individuals who are hosting them.

All organizations that offer business or business networking related events, seminars, training and resources are invited to participate on this site for FREE. We do not want to provide information on concerts, theatrical presentations, parties, raves, dances, movies, or any other form of entertainment. There are plenty of resources for that.

We do not discriminate against listings for For-Profit Groups. All Business Organizations are free to list on this site as long as they are business or business networking related.

Banner ad event listings, seminar or workshop listings, are available for a small investment, and banner advertisements are also available for any size business or corporation. These listings will make your business or networking event, seminar or workshop stand out from the crowd and draw a larger audience for your event or help you find new clients.

When you drop down the menu choices across the top of each page, you will see the various sections of the site. We have calendars and listings for Business Networking and Special Events, Seminars, Workshops, Trade Shows, and Employment Opportunities.

This site is a business networking community and a user participation business community. Only through the participation of the business and business networking community will this site exist. We encourage you to visit often, refer your associates, and post as much information as you can provide.

Thank you for visiting.

Jeff Glaze - Creator and Editor of

Business Networking, Business Events, Trade Shows, Groups, Organizations and Information -  Atlanta GA.

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