Welcome to 2016!  Are you ready to jumpstart your business in a positive way.  Here are 7 ways to kick off your business for the new year!

1.  Stay up to date on current trends

New trends are consistently evolving and no matter what industry you are in, it is important that you stay up to date on current trends.  This will help you in your decision making process, it will give you a competitive advantage, and it would help you develop expertise in your industry.   Staying current on trends is one of the best ways to help shape your business strategy.

2.  Set positive and realistic goals

Knowing what you want and where you would like to go is a great thing, but it is also good knowing how you are going to get there and mapping out a step by step process in achieving those goals.  This will prevent you from being scatter brained.  It will also help you see your progression.  Each goal should be set with a positive tone, and each step taken to achieve that goal will give you positive reinforcement.  Also remember that a goal without actions is just an intent.  You will endure many failures on your journey to success, however, your true failure will come from the lack of acting on your intentions.

3.  Focus on what you have and make it flourish

Often times people make the mistake of focusing on what they don’t have, or focusing on what others have.  A successful person appreciates what they have and no matter how big or how small it may be, they take it and make it flourish.  They also understand what others have may not be for them at that moment, if at all.  Start where you are and use what you have.  This will open doors for opportunities to gain more of what you need to get where you want to go.

4.  Find a mentor

Sometimes you may feel like you need guidance.  Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you and don’t be afraid to ask if they will be willing to mentor you.  Its a good feeling knowing you have someone to look up to, someone to support you, and someone to share their expertise with you.  Keep in mind that in finding a mentor, it is important to know where to look based upon what you want.  You can reach out to family or friends, local successful business owners, school officials, or  organizations that offers mentoring programs like SCORE, Small Business Association, etc.  Just remember that finding a mentor is not an overnight process.  Be genuine, build and maintain a healthy relationship, and make sure they are invested in your future of success.

5.  Attend in-person networking events

Mark your calendars, get out of the house or office, and attend events that will allow you to surround yourself with other like minded professionals.  This is a great way to make connections, make good first impressions, build relationships, expand your network, and grow your business.

6.  Don’t spend, invest

Think of how you utilize your time, energy, and money.  Spending is a depreciating asset.  It gratifies you for the moment.  Investing has a greater return as it improves your quality of life and helps accumulate long term wealth.  Often times you may hear the saying, “spend your time wisely.”  My advice is that you invest your time wisely, as well as your energy and money.

7.  Take care of yourself

What good is your business without you?  While I am a fan of hard work, I also understand the need for balance.  It is important that you get a sufficient amount of rest, maintain a healthy diet, and work out a minimum of 30 minutes per day.  This will help you regroup and gain focus throughout your daily activities.  Take care of your physical, spiritual, and psychological well being while running your business like a boss! 🙂

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